22 March 2008

God Bless Ski Shop Dudes

I bought new skis online and they arrived with unmounted bindings on Thursday evening and I was due to leave for Utah on Saturday. On Friday morning I called the ski shop dudes and they told me they were backed up until Monday. The dude sounded a little like mexican border patrol (that is to say bribeable) so I offered to buy the shop pizza if they'd squeeze me in. The dude said "that'll work", so I brought my stuff down there that evening. They said they'd do them for me in about 15 minutes and I walked across the street to Dominos. I paid $20.53 for the biggest pepperoni pizza they had and some coke. When I brought them the pizza, the shop guys were stoked! They're all like, "thanks dude, that's really cool dude, bitchen!"; shit like that. I pulled out my credit card to pay, and the 20 year old shop dude is like, "on the house, bro... oh, and we waxed them for ya too". They charge $20 to mount bindings and $10 for a quick wax. So I got $30 worth of service for $20.53 worth of pizza... and they put me at the head of the line AND they all thanked me for letting them do it!
Ski shop dudes. A breed apart.


Blogger Tim said...

Dude - one post a year is lame. What's up?

5:25 PM  
Blogger Vikings and Blueberries said...

It's about time you posted again, Chris. I KNOW you have more to say than you make out with this once-a-year stuff.
Get crackin'! Your words make my life better!

3:11 AM  

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